Nexus 2.6.0 Update

Nexus 2.6.0 Update + CRACK

Hello! We are "MAX Team" - German computer scientists (IT specialists) and music enthusiasts team (more about us, here). For two years we have worked hard to create a working crack, USB-eLicenser Emulator and Key Generator for the Nexus 2 update. At the beginning, the objective was Nexus 2.2.1 Update. However, over time, the versions evolved, so we decided to create the update also including the latest version.
Why the update is needed? Latest Nexus 2 Expansions need to be updated to version 2.6.0 (not working without it).

After countless days of tests, finally we have succeeded! We can boast that we have created the first fully functioning "cracking kit" for ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 update!

So... We are pleased to inform you that finally appeared WORKING version of the latest ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 Update with Cracking Kit!
We would like to share with you our files.

Our "cracking kit" includes:

- ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 Update
- ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 USB-eLicenser Emulator
- Crack
- USB-eLicenser Key Generator

This is an update from version 2.0.0 (or later) to version 2.6.0.

Now you can enjoy all the latest amazing Expansions for Nexus 2.6.0!

(This version is available only on our website. Currently you cannot find another working crack on the network)

Feel free to DOWNLOAD:

ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 Update Cracking Kit
(2 versions inside: MS Windows + Mac OS X)
File size:  73,23 MB

Complete one of the easy surveys displayed on your screen. After successfully completed survey, download will start automatically.

Quick instruction:
1) Run the Nexus 2.6.0 USB-eLicenser Key Generator.
2) Generate Serial Number and USB Key.
3) Run the ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 Update installer and select folder with Nexus as destination folder.
4) Enter User Name and paste the Serial Number and USB Key during installation.
5) Copy crack to install folder overwriting original.
6) Run the ReFX Nexus 2.6.0 USB-eLicenser Emulator and install it to the same destination folder.
(Full instruction inside file)


If you have any problems with installing update, let us know at:
We will respond as soon as possible.

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DubStep86 said...

exactly what I was looking for:) thanks guys

Joey said...

thank you so much 4 that:>